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Posted on: 18-12-14
Health Benefits of Zinc

Zinc is a vital mineral or element found in plants, humans and animals. It is required by our body for carrying out several biological functions which includes more than 300 enzymes in human body. Zinc is found in almost every part of our body namely organs, bones, fluids and cells.

Zinc performs many functions as a part of every cell in the body and therefore, zinc is essential for normal growth, development, reproduction and immunity.

Zinc is also involved in maintaining a healthy appetite in the perception of taste and maintaining capacity for night vision. It is involved in these functions not just as a component of metalloenzymes (metals that play roles in known enzymes) but also in specific interactions between zinc and other various hormones. Human and animal tissues contain about 200 enzymes whose activity depends on the presence of zinc.

Zinc is also considered as an antioxidant nutrient. It is essential for the maintenance of protein structure and for the metabolism of proteins and nucleic acids. The maintenance of genetic material such as DNA and RNA are also dependent on zinc.

It is an important mineral which plays a key role in fertility. Zinc helps in maintaining a normal level of sperm count and enzyme called testosterone.

For healthy hair growth, skin maintenance and nail care zinc proves to be an essential mineral. For example, in the case of psoriasis and neurodermitis skin diseases. Deficient amount of zinc would give rise to graying and loss of hair.

The retina of your eye has high concentration of zinc as an element. It protects you from developing macular degeneration as the age advances. Early signs of night blindness and cataracts could also be kept under control by incorporating zinc in your diet.

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