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Being a Women

“Behind every successful man there is a woman”. Not only in the case of a man but this saying stands for the functioning of the whole world. She is said to be the ultimate strength and support behind the success of an individual. There is a lot of differenciation and discrimination in the name of gender as males and females. Nevertheless this difference do exist in nature from time immemorial.

A female draws out various characteristics which is different from that of a male, varying from factors such as physical, mental. biological and reproductive. These are inborn and inbuilt right from the time a mother concieves a female child.
Womanhood is the period in a females life after she has passed through childhood and adolescence, generally around the age 18. Women have three very important physiological functions totally absent in men--menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation.Each of these mechanisms influences the behavioural patterns of a female greatly.
Another such noticable factor could be psycological.
Women prefer to share and care more, she would discuss and figure out a solution for a problem which they face by discussing it with her friends. She is more emotionally depended and possess aa emotional mind when compared to that of men. But men on the other hand seem to be independent and keep things more to themselves. But unfortunately, women are more prone to different types of depressions due to their emotional weakness.
Communication skills and emotional intelligence are found to be better in females. They tend to be more group-oriented.
Women can be, and many are, greatly affected by hormone fluctuations. Hormonal changes in female body is much more prominant and undergoes changes as the age advances. The main two hormones generated in female body are estrogen and progestrone. Estrogen helps the uterus grow, maintains the uterine lining to protect the budding baby. Progesterone has characteristics that balance and counteract the adverse effects that estrogen can have.Progesterone is important mainly for the preparation of the endometrium for implantation of the egg during pregnancy and the maintenance of pregnancy.
women are more often portrayed as being under the influence of their hormones, as being subject to hormonal tides or hormonal storms.

Women face many injustices and inequalities globally, both in terms of economic factors and human rights. An often overlooked aspect of this phenomenon is their health, so its atmost important that proper diet and care are taken as far as female health is concerned.
A healthy diet can help reduce PMS(pre-menstrual syndrome), boost fertility, make pregnancy and nursing easier. It provides one with energy, maintaining weight and keeps you looking good.

God has created women in such a way that, she can take her generation forward by giving birth to new offsprings. The ideal time to start learning about pregnancy is not when a woman is already pregnant but much before that.
For a woman, pregnancy planning means learning everything she can about how her own health and that of her baby can be optimized. She is capable of conceiving from the time she attains puberty till the time of menopause.
A female body is also highly prone to diseases too due to its sensitive features or even due to malnutrition which leads to less immunity. Many such diseases are gallstones, migraine headaches,
osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure(hypertension) etc.
Women with Osteoporosis have weak bones which tend to break. Osteoporosis in the vertebrae can cause serious problems for women. A fracture in this area occurs from day-to-day activities like climbing stairs, lifting objects, or bending forward


Research has also revealed the genetic and molecular basis of a number of gender-based differences in health and disease, some of which are related to genotype — XX in the female and XY in the male.
Due to such less immune resistance women have got higher chances of developing Autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases can affect virtually every site in the body.

Autoimmune diseases affect approximately 8% of the population, 78% of whom are women. It is still unkown as to what reasons are there behind such a prevalence. One of the factors behind it could be genetic as it can be passed on from a mother to her offspring.

Eat berries for healthy erections

Erectile dysfunction can be one of the most distressing conditions a man experiences. But a new study suggests eating more foods rich in flavonoids - such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and citrus fruits - could reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction for middle-aged men by more than a fifth.

It is estimated that around 30 million men in the US have erectile dysfunction - the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to engage in sexual intercourse. Men over the age of 60 are at greatest risk for erectile dysfunction, though it occurs in around 12% of men under this age.

Previous research has shown that regular exercise may lower men's risk for erectile dysfunction. However, in this latest study, Prof. Cassidy and her team suggest that eating more flavonoid-rich foods is as beneficial for erectile dysfunction as walking briskly for up to 5 hours weekly.

Exercise and flavonoid-rich diet can reduce erectile dysfunction risk by 21%. The researchers analyzed population-based data of more than 50,000 middle-aged men. Information was collected on the men's ability to get and maintain an erection firm enough for intercourse, and dietary data was collected every 4 years from 1986.

High blood pressure, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and heart and blood vessel disease are just some conditions that can trigger erectile dysfunction. Psychological problems, such as anxiety and depression, can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. Around 30% of men aged 70 and older experience erectile dysfunction.

New Method Of Treating Genetic Disorders – The Antisense Gene Therapy

Antisense gene therapy is a form of treatment for genetic disorder and wide varieties of diseases like infection, cancer, diabetes, etc. USFDA, during 2014, has approved such drugs like, fomivirsen and retinitis for the treatment of cytomegalovirus and hypercholesterolemia.

This therapy is termed as anti-sense because of the fact that, the synthesis of the mRNA is done by strand with original DNA double helix, which has a complementary strand of DNA called, the anti-sense strand. The RNA strands produced from these DNA are also complementary and the protein produced by this RNA does not have any function.

Type of drug used in Antisense gene therapy

Here the drugs are the “silenced genes”. This therapy is also known as gene silencing technique because, it aims to silence the damaged genes rather than killing it or repairing it.
Using the information present in the genetic code, the proteins are produced in two steps.
1. The genetic code of DNA is transcribed into mRNA, which then travels to the ribosomes.
2. The ribosomes use the information present in mRNA as a tool to build the protein.

In Antisense gene therapy, the silenced gene cannot transcribe a correct mRNA, this further synthesis wrong and function less protein, that are supposed to cause damage to the body or inhibits the synthesis of the proteins that are harmful to the body.

How does antisense gene therapy work?

In antisense gene therapy, small single-stranded pieces of human DNA, known as oligonucleotides (sometimes abbreviated as oligos) are inserted into cells, these are chemically engineered to form a specific mRNA in the cell. The artificial mRNA inhibit the protein from being produced in one of two ways
1. By physically blocking translation of the mRNA
2. By producing an enzyme known as RNase H to degrade the mRNA Challenges.

Study identifies genetic mutation in those who behave reckless when drunk

University of Helsinki researchers have identified a genetic mutation which renders carriers susceptible to particularly impulsive and reckless behavior when drunk. More than one hundred thousand Finns carry this mutation. Many Finns know somebody whose behavior becomes excessively strange and erratic when drunk. They are said to be unable to "hold their liquor," and others are surprised at how inebriated they become from just a small amount of alcohol. Since the trait seems permanent, it can be assumed that there are underlying biological factors.

If these results prove significant in larger clinical samples of individual patients who suffer greatly from difficulties in impulse control, several preventive measures could be taken. The most important measure would obviously be controlling the consumption of alcohol. Other measures would include attempting to achieve control over behavior through cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy or medication.

Apart from the putative effect on the health of Finnish population, the discovery of this biological mechanism may be groundbreaking in understanding the role of the serotonin 2B receptor in humans. Novel neurobiological research is becoming increasingly aware of the fact that the expression of a gene -- that is, the gene's production of proteins can be affected in various ways. The findings may elucidate the role of the serotonin 2B receptor in the health of any given population. Moreover, increasing knowledge of the function of the serotonin 2B receptor may lead to new pharmacological innovations, since no medications specific to it are presently available.

The discovery is based on long-term research cooperation between the University of Helsinki Psychiatry Clinic and the Dr David Goldman's laboratory of Neurogenetics at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in the United States.

Gene decides why some kids turn into troubled adults

A recent study and research conducted at Duke University have identified a gene variant that may serve as a marker for children who are the most susceptible and vulnerable group of society. This study triggers an understanding in the biology of what makes a child sensitive to both positive and negative situations and environment. "This gives us an important clue about some of the children who need help the most" said Dustin Albert, research scientist at the Duke University's Centre for Child and Family Policy. The study found that children from high-risk backgrounds who also carried a certain common gene variant were extremely likely to develop serious problems as adults left untreated, 75 percent with the gene variant developed psychological problems by age 25, including alcohol abuse, substance abuse and antisocial personality disorder.

The picture changed dramatically, though, when children with the gene variant participated in an intensive program called the Fast Track Project. After receiving support services in childhood, just 18 percent developed psychopathology as adults.

"It is a hopeful finding. The children we studied were very susceptible to stress. But far from being doomed, they were instead particularly responsive to help” Albert added. The findings could be a first step toward potential personalized treatments for some of society's most troubled children. The study appeared in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

How Exercise Keeps Depression at Bay

It is shown and proved by researchers that physical exercise has many advantages and beneficial effects. They have also come to a conclusion that exercise helps shield your brain from stress induced depression.
Practicing or following a daily course of exercising has ability to induce changes in skeletal muscles that can clear the blood of a substance that gets accumulated during stress and is harmful to the brain health. A follow-up to the study found that the effect of exercising lasted longer than those of antidepressants.
It was also found that people who did daily work outs and regardless of undergoing any treatment were originally less likely to fall into depression.

A study which was published in 2005, has shown that walking fast (brisk walking) for about 35 minutes a day five times a week can have a significant effect and influence on mild to moderate depression signs. "Skeletal muscle appears to have a detoxification effect that, when activated, can protect the brain from insults and related mental illness," said principal investigator Jorge Ruas from Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

Besides helping you cop-up with depression, regular exercising offers you other health benefits too namely lowering blood pressure, protecting you from heart diseases and other forms of cancer.
How often you need exercise to keep away depression is not very evident but half an hour of work outs such a brisk walking, and other exercise forms proves to be beneficial.

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Eat berries for healthy erections

Erectile dysfunction can be one of the most distressing conditions a man experiences. But a new study suggests eating more foods rich in flavonoids - such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and citrus fruits - could reduce the risk of erecti....Read More

Worm gets women pregnant

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Being a Women

“Behind every successful man there is a woman”. Not only in the case of a man but this saying stands for the functioning of the whole world. She is said to be the ultimate strength and support behind the success of an individual. There...
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Remarkable health benefits of plant tannins

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