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There are plenty food items which you could have every day to burn off excess calories and also s...

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Otitis externa is one of the most common causes of ear pain characterized by pain in the ear espe...

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Chlorophyll is the green photosynthetic pigment found in plants. The name chlorophyll is derived...


Acanthosis nigricans is a medical condition characterized by increased deposition of pigments (hy...

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Being a Women

“Behind every successful man there is a woman”. Not only in the case of a man but this saying stands for the functioning of the whole world. She is said to be the ultimate strength and support behind the success of an individual. There is a lot of differenciation and discrimination in the name of gender as males and females. Nevertheless this difference do exist in nature from time immemorial.

A female draws out various characteristics which is different from that of a male, varying from factors such as physical, mental. biological and reproductive. These are inborn and inbuilt right from the time a mother concieves a female child.
Womanhood is the period in a females life after she has passed through childhood and adolescence, generally around the age 18. Women have three very important physiological functions totally absent in men--menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation.Each of these mechanisms influences the behavioural patterns of a female greatly.
Another such noticable factor could be psycological.
Women prefer to share and care more, she would discuss and figure out a solution for a problem which they face by discussing it with her friends. She is more emotionally depended and possess aa emotional mind when compared to that of men. But men on the other hand seem to be independent and keep things more to themselves. But unfortunately, women are more prone to different types of depressions due to their emotional weakness.
Communication skills and emotional intelligence are found to be better in females. They tend to be more group-oriented.
Women can be, and many are, greatly affected by hormone fluctuations. Hormonal changes in female body is much more prominant and undergoes changes as the age advances. The main two hormones generated in female body are estrogen and progestrone. Estrogen helps the uterus grow, maintains the uterine lining to protect the budding baby. Progesterone has characteristics that balance and counteract the adverse effects that estrogen can have.Progesterone is important mainly for the preparation of the endometrium for implantation of the egg during pregnancy and the maintenance of pregnancy.
women are more often portrayed as being under the influence of their hormones, as being subject to hormonal tides or hormonal storms.

Women face many injustices and inequalities globally, both in terms of economic factors and human rights. An often overlooked aspect of this phenomenon is their health, so its atmost important that proper diet and care are taken as far as female health is concerned.
A healthy diet can help reduce PMS(pre-menstrual syndrome), boost fertility, make pregnancy and nursing easier. It provides one with energy, maintaining weight and keeps you looking good.

God has created women in such a way that, she can take her generation forward by giving birth to new offsprings. The ideal time to start learning about pregnancy is not when a woman is already pregnant but much before that.
For a woman, pregnancy planning means learning everything she can about how her own health and that of her baby can be optimized. She is capable of conceiving from the time she attains puberty till the time of menopause.
A female body is also highly prone to diseases too due to its sensitive features or even due to malnutrition which leads to less immunity. Many such diseases are gallstones, migraine headaches,
osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure(hypertension) etc.
Women with Osteoporosis have weak bones which tend to break. Osteoporosis in the vertebrae can cause serious problems for women. A fracture in this area occurs from day-to-day activities like climbing stairs, lifting objects, or bending forward


Research has also revealed the genetic and molecular basis of a number of gender-based differences in health and disease, some of which are related to genotype — XX in the female and XY in the male.
Due to such less immune resistance women have got higher chances of developing Autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases can affect virtually every site in the body.

Autoimmune diseases affect approximately 8% of the population, 78% of whom are women. It is still unkown as to what reasons are there behind such a prevalence. One of the factors behind it could be genetic as it can be passed on from a mother to her offspring.

Talk therapy helps over coffee addiction

The new study found that just a single one-hour session of "reduction-strategy" therapy - a type of cognitive behavioural therapy - helped patients lower their caffeine intake by more than 75 percent. The goal of this type of talk therapy is to help patients understand, recognize and change irrational thoughts that are causing their behavior.

Caffeine-use disorder, though not yet an official mental health diagnosis, is defined by caffeine dependency and an inability to consume less caffeine despite a desire to do so, the researchers explained.

Caffeine is a commonplace central nervous system stimulant drug which occurs in nature as part of the coffee, tea, yerba mate and other plants. It is also an additive in many consumer products, most notably beverages advertised as energy drinks. Caffeine is also added to sodas such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, where, on the ingredients listing, it is designated as a flavouring agent.

Caffeine's mechanism of action is somewhat different from that of cocaine and the substituted amphetamines. Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors. Adenosine is a by-product of cellular activity, and stimulation of adenosine receptors produces feelings of tiredness and the need to sleep. Caffeine's ability to block these receptors means the levels of the body's natural stimulants, dopamine and norepinephrine, continue at higher levels.

Gonorrhoea gains high resistance

As a threat to STD treatments, reports from medical institutions indicate that Gonorrhoea is rapidly getting highly drug resistant. If the situation goes like this, Gonorrhoea will become an untreatable disease due to the continuing emergence of antimicrobial resistance.

An injection of Ceftriaxone and an Azithromycin pill are supposed to be used in combination, while some online pharmacies are offering only oral medication. Using just one of the two drugs makes it easier for the bacterium to develop resistance. As the affected patients have inhibitions to openly consult a doctor, most of them prefer online pharmacies and that makes the situation worst.

Gonorrhoea is caused by the bacterium called Neisseria gonorrhoea. The infection is spread by unprotected vaginal, oral and anal sex. Symptoms can include a thick green or yellow discharge from sexual organs, pain when urinating and bleeding between periods. Untreated infection can lead to infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease and can be passed on to a child during pregnancy.

Hospital workers wash hands less often as shift nears end

A recent study has revealed that hospital professionals and workers clean their hands less frequently as their day to day work advances. This decline in compliance with hand washing rules goes up with increase in work pressure, the findings showed.

"For hospital caregivers, hand-washing may be viewed as a lower-priority task and thus it appears compliance with hand hygiene guidelines suffers as the workday progresses," said Hengchen Dai from the University of Pennsylvania in the US.

Demanding jobs have the potential to energize the employees, but work pressure may force them concentrate more on maintaining performance on the initial and primary tasks. A total of 4,157 caregivers in the US hospitals were analyzed as the researchers went through three years of hand washing data of the health professionals.

They also found that 'hand-washing compliance rates' dropped by an average of 8.7 percentage points from the beginning to the end of typical 12 hour shift. The decline being shown was because the decline in compliance was magnified by the exaggerated work intensity. More time off between shifts appeared to restore workers executive resources – they followed hand-washing protocol more carefully after longer breaks. Hand-washing in hospitals has been demonstrated to reduce infections and save money.

Deaths from lack of exercise double those due to obesity

A new study has demonstrated that lack of exercise is responsible for twice as many deaths as obesity.

The study conducted by University of Cambridge suggested that a brisk 20 minute walk each day could be enough to reduce an individual's risk of early death.

The study of over 334,000 European men and women found that twice as many deaths may be attributable to lack of physical activity compared with the number of deaths attributable to obesity, but that just a modest increase in physical activity could have significant health benefits.

Physical inactivity has been consistently associated with an increased risk of early death, as well as being associated with a greater risk of diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Although it may also contribute to an increased body mass index (BMI) and obesity, the association with early death is independent of an individual's BMI.

The researchers found that the greatest reduction in risk of premature death occurred in the comparison between inactive and moderately inactive groups, judged by combining activity at work with recreational activity, just under a quarter (22.7 percent) of participants were categorized as inactive, reporting no recreational activity in combination with a sedentary occupation. The impact was greatest amongst normal weight individuals, but even those with higher BMI saw a benefit.

One treatment for Ebola, Hepatitis, Brain Cancer and Influenza

A novel protein could be a universal therapeutic target for treating human diseases like brain cancer, Ebola, Influenza, Hepatitis and superbug bacteria, researchers report. By using a drug combination to target the key protein GRP78 and related proteins, researchers prevented the replication of a variety of major viruses in infected cells, made antibiotic-resistant bacteria vulnerable to common antibiotics and found evidence that brain cancer stem cells were killed.

Data were obtained in multiple brain cancer stem cell types, and using influenza, mumps, measles, rubella, adenovirus, coxsakie virus, chikungunya, Ebola, Hepatitis, E. coli, MRSA, MRSE and N gonorrhoeae, among others. “ We have got a concept that by attacking GRP78 and related proteins, we hurt cancer cells, we inhibit the ability of viruses to infect and to reproduce and we are able to kill superbug antibiotic-resistant bacteria”, said study’s lead investigator Paul Dent, professor in the department of biochemistry and molecular biology at Virginia Commonwealth University.

GRP78 is part of a family of proteins called chaperones. The job of a chaperone is to help shape chains of amino acids into proteins and then to keep those proteins active in the correct 3D shape. The chaperone proteins are very important in cancer cells or virus infected cells because these cells make extra protein compared to normal/uninfected cells. The findings open an avenue of being able to treat viral infections, infections that certainly most people would say we will never be able to treat.

Does your period perplex you?

Length of time of an average period
3-5 days is considered normal, somewhere around 2 and 7 days is viewed as typically normal. See your specialist if your period keeps going longer than a week or all of a sudden changes from what is no....Read More

Warm bottled water may be bad for your health

A recent study done by scientists from the University of Florida has warned not to drink water from a bottle if it was left somewhere warm for a long time. The study also suggested that when you heat plastic for a long duration of time or when plast....Read More

Why Vitamin K is beneficial for health?

The fat soluble vitamin that is utilized by the body for blood coagulation and also in the growth and development of bones and other tissues in the body. It is also needed for proper maintenance and building up of strong bones. But blood clotting....Read More

How Exercise Keeps Depression at Bay

It is shown and proved by researchers that physical exercise has many advantages and beneficial effects. They have also come to a conclusion that exercise helps shield your brain from stress induced depression.
Practicing or following a daily ....Read More

Motivate yourself to improve your exercise

Excessive is always good for everyone, doing it seems to be very difficult..One should conquer the mood when it says, from inside of your soul, better I do it tomorrow. Self motivation is the only solution, and it's a matter of just powering yourse....Read More

Perfect Diet That Burn Calories

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Being a Women

“Behind every successful man there is a woman”. Not only in the case of a man but this saying stands for the functioning of the whole world. She is said to be the ultimate strength and support behind the success of an individual. There...
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Remarkable health benefits of plant tannins

Tannins are a broad class of compounds that is present in tea, red wine, cocoa, chocolates, coffee, some herbal preparations, grapes and certain fruits like blackberries and cranberries.
Their properties are well remarkable, but not complete...
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