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Myths: Snoring is not Sleep Apnea
Fact: Snoring is otherwi...

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Vegetables are classified on nutritional basis into three – Leafy vegetables, Roots and Tub...

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Sweet potatoes are a tasty snack which includes plenty of amazing benefits. Sweet potatoes are av...


Premenopause is considered to be the fertile period of the women when she regularly menstruating...

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Taking care of Eye Allergies

Eye allergy is also known as ocular allergy  or allergic conjunctivitis. Eye allergy occurs when an allergy sensitive substance irritates the eye. Like any other allergies, eye allergy is also initiated by the immune system, where it recognises  a harmless substance as an allergen and produce antibodies. These antibodies further releases chemicals, that can irritate the eye, which shows  all the symptoms of eye allergic reaction, that include itching in the eyes, producing  in the eye, eye become red or swollen.

Most of the eye allergies are seasonal like, allergic rhinitis in hay fever, that are usually caused due to mold spore and pollen. Eye allergy may cause temporary blurriness or even for some extent threat to the eyesight. However, infection can also cause similar symptoms of eye allergies. Hence, one need to be confirmed it with the doctor. Most of the times a cold compress can give you an immediate relief, but for complete relief, you need to identify the exact cause and the allergens and treat the symptoms.
Symptoms of Eye Allergy includes
1) Eye allergies can also occur alone or with other allergies like nasal allergies and the allergic skin.
2) Redness in the white of the eye or the inner eyelid.
3) Itchy and watery eyes, burning sensation, swollen eyelid, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light.
What should not be done during the Eye Allergies
1) Avoid rubbing the eye, it can make the symptoms more worse. Rubbing may cause to release more  chemicals inside the, that cause the eyes to itch during the allergic  reaction.
2) Remove the contact lenses out, if you wear them,
3) Avoid eye makeup,
4) Apply cold compresses to your eyes.
5) Wash your hands often.
Covering up Eye Allergy
a) Apply a concealer, that do not produce allergy, to help hide dark circles.
Eye Allergy are Triggered by
a) Most of the eye allergies are seasonal like, allergic rhinitis in hay fever, that are usually caused due to mold spore and pollen.
b) There are some indoor allergens such as pet dander and dust mites can also cause eye allergies year-round. Usually the symptoms worsen during cleaning the house or grooming a pet.
c) Medications and cosmetics can play a significant role in causing eye allergies.
Clean Away Allergens
1) If dust mites trigger the symptoms, change the bedding and pillowcases with a new one. Wash sheets in hot water.
2) Clean floors with a clean and damp mop.
3) If indoor molds trigger the symptoms, regularly clean all the areas where molds can grow, such as bathrooms, basements  and kitchens.
4) Keep the humidity levels in the home between 30% and 50%.
Treating Eye Allergies
It is usually treated symptomatically
1) Antihistamines combat symptoms by blocking the effect of chemicals that can trigger the symptoms.
2) Mast cell stabilizers prevent the release of chemicals, that can trigger the symptoms, from mast cells.
3) Decongestant eye drops decreases redness by shrinking the swollen blood vessels in the eyes.
4) Immunotherapy makes the immune system accustom to the allergic substances .

Here is how blood group O protects against malaria

We are aware of the fact that malaria parasites conquerers the human immune system while being in human red blood cells. According to a very new study, blood type O provides protection and resistance against malaria.

The study suggests that a protein secreted by parasites called RIFIN, plays an important role in providing protection against malaria in people who have blood group O.

A team of Scandinavian scientists explains the mechanisms behind the protection that blood type O provides and suggests that the selective pressure imposed by malaria may contribute to the variable global distribution of ABO blood groups in the human population.

It has long been known that people with blood type O are protected against severe malaria, while those with other types, such as A, often fall into a coma and die. Unpacking the mechanisms behind this has been one of the main goals of malaria research.

Scientists led from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have now identified a new and important piece of the puzzle by describing the key part played by the RIFIN protein.

Using data from different kinds of experiment on cell cultures and animals, they show how the Plasmodium falciparum parasite secretes RIFIN, and how the protein makes its way to the surface of the blood cell, where it acts like glue. The team also demonstrates how it bonds strongly with the surface of type A blood cells, but only weakly to type O.

Alcoholic Drinks should bear a warning tag

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Alcohol Misuse suggested that all alcoholic products should carry a label having 'harmful effects of drinking'.
It was also declared by the government that it is working on reducing the excessive alcohol consumption and to work against the sale of cheap alcohol.
"Health warnings are a familiar and prominent feature on all tobacco products”, says the recommendation document written by the All-Party Parliamentary Group. It also says that the label which contains all the details on food is a must on all food items and soft drinks.

Still the ultimate information still remains to be the volume strength and unit content of the alcohol. In order to make the consumers aware of the risk factors, every alcohol should contain the label that includes health warnings based on evidences. These warnings should explain the nutritional, alcohol content and calorific value of the product.

They have also recommend a campaign on 'national public awareness on alcohol-related matters and issues. It would focus mainly on social workers, health care professionals and midwives to make alcohol treatment available to 15% of problem drinkers compared with 6% currently.
A random government spokeswoman said: “We are taking immediate steps to reduce excessive alcohol consumption and to inform people about the ill-effects which would take a toll on your health”.

40 percent of Indian kids dont have healthy BMI: Study

A very recent countrywide study has shown that about 40 percent fail to have a proper healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) and also warned that these children are moving towards a frightening and very unhealthy future. The study also emphasized on the fact that children in the country are lagging when it comes to accessing their fitness parameters.

The study for the academic year 2013-14 covered 1,15,559 children in the age group of 7 to 17 years in 287 schools across 85 cities from 23 states. A comparative study between boys and girls show that girls score lower than boys in all fitness parameters such as anaerobic capacity, flexibility, upper body strength and abdominal strength indicating that they are still short on overall fitness.

However, in case of BMI, 65 percent of girls have healthy scores when compared to 59 percent of boys.

Children in all five regions of the country were deemed more or less equally unfit with unhealthy BMI scores of 37 percent (Central), 54 percent (East), 37 percent (North), 38 percent (South) and 36 percent (West), said the study by EduSports, physical education and school sports enterprise. It said that non-metros score higher than metros in terms of BMI levels and fitness parameters.

Children in non-metros demonstrated better flexibility (75 percent in non-metros and 70 percent in metros), had good upper body strength (64 percent in non-metros and 61 percent in metros) and a marginal overall BMI score (61 percent in non-metros and 60 percent metros).

Physical activity and sports should be be made an indispensable part of every academic curriculum for an overall development of the child.

Heart patient? Avoid rush hour traffic

A recent study has suggested that avoiding rush hour traffic would lead to less risk of developing heart ailments or prevents the worsening of any cardiovascular disease that exists. "There is now ample evidence that air pollution is associated with cardiovascular morbidity and mortality," said corresponding author Robert Storey from the University of Sheffield, Britain."It not only makes existing heart conditions worse but also contributes to development of the disease," Storey added.

Irrespective of the place where you stay, tiny air pollution particles in the air can lead to major problems to your heart. It could come from anything around such as traffic jam, factories, power generation, wildfires or even if you cook food with the help of a wooden stove.

When many pollutants combine together they give out more of toxicity and tends to have greater impact than that of individual pollutants. A simple example could be that of diesel exhausts combining with ozone. The combined effect is always greater than that of separate effect.

There always exists a two way interaction between the air pollution and other cardiovascular risk factors. Obese people and those with diabetes may be at higher risk of the cardiovascular effects of pollution, while air pollutants may exacerbate and instigate the development of risk factors such as high blood pressure and impaired insulin sensitivity.

Marijuana use increased by 9.5% in a decade

The estimated prevalence of adults who used marijuana in the past year more than doubled in the United States between 2001 and 2013 to 9.5%. Laws and attitudes about marijuana are changing, with 23 states having medical marijuana laws and four of these states having also legalized marijuana for recreational use. The prevalence of past-year marijuana use climbed to 9.5 percent of adults in 2012-2013 from 4.1 percent in 2001-2002, with increases particularly notable among women. The prevalence of a diagnosis of a past-year marijuana use disorder (abuse or dependence) also increased to 2.9 percent in 2012-2013 from 1.5 percent in 2001-2002, which means nearly 3 of every 10 Americans who used marijuana in the past year had a diagnosis of a marijuana use disorder (approximately 6.8 million Americans). Groups with notable increases included individuals ages 45 to 64 and those individuals who were black or Hispanic, with the lowest incomes or living in the South.

Among marijuana users, the prevalence of marijuana use disorder decreased to 30.6 percent in 2012-2013 from 35.6 percent in 2001-2002. Because there was no increase in the risk for marijuana use disorder found among users, in fact there was a decrease, the increase in prevalence of marijuana use disorders can be attributed to the increase in marijuana users between the two surveys, the authors note.

Divorce can lead to high blood pressure

A very recent study has suggested that divorce related sleep problems are responsible for causing health related problems. People struggle with getting their life going again after undergoing a separation or divorce.

In the initial fe....Read More

Keep off those salty snacks if you want your organs to stay healthy

A review paper co-authored by two faculty members in the University of Delaware College of Health Sciences and two physicians at Christiana Care Health System provides evidence that even in the absence of an increase in blood pressure, excess dietar....Read More

Health benefits of having Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a widely ingredient used in Indian kitchen. It has got a strong odour and flavor and mostly added in small quantity impart a flavor to your food items. It has also got ample amount of Vitamin C, fibre content, potassium, iron and other....Read More

Highly desired skills you can teach yourself

In order to better your, you can very well start by working on improving and enhancing skills that would fetch you success both at home and at your work place. There are many independent lifestyle skills that will help keep your brain actively work....Read More

Do not eat these foods past their expiry date

There is a shelf life maintained for all foods, hence, next time you are buying something from the supermarket, don't forget to read the label on the food . Here is a list of food items that you shouldn't consume once they have crossed their expir....Read More

Myths and Fact of Sleep Apnea or otherwise called Snoring

Myths: Snoring is not Sleep Apnea

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Leafy Vegetables

Vegetables are classified on nutritional basis into three – Leafy ...

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Premenopause is considered to be the fertile period of the women when sh...

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Taking care of Eye Allergies

Eye allergy is also known as ocular allergy  or allergic conjunctivitis. Eye allergy occurs when an allergy sensitive substance irritates the eye. Like any other allergies, eye allergy is also initiated by the immune system, where it rec...
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Remarkable health benefits of plant tannins

Tannins are a broad class of compounds that is present in tea, red wine, cocoa, chocolates, coffee, some herbal preparations, grapes and certain fruits like blackberries and cranberries.
Their properties are well remarkable, but not complete...
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