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Posted on: 11-03-15
6 Habits every woman must ditch

We mostly tend to ignore simple health tips and techniques while many amongst us make it a point to eat healthy and exercise as often as possible. Follow the given below tips and find out if you are compromising on your health everyday by incorporating these habits.

Wearing heels often: An alarming number of women have started using high heels on a daily basis. It ultimately puts a lot of pressure on joints, back pain and arthritis. Wearing heels often leads to many health conditions like painful bunions and there is a risk of getting your leg twisted and falling down.

Damage control: Ensure that if you have to wear heels often, they aren't more than 1.5 inches. Alternatively, carry a pair of flats while you travel and wear heels only for some time. Rest your feet after wearing heels by soaking feet in warm water.

Not removing your makeup at night: Sometimes women forget to remove their make up completely before turning in at night. Leaving make up on your face all night long would invite more and more skin problems.

Wearing ill-fitting undergarments: More than half of the women population wear the wrong sized undergarments which would cause many issues such as skin irritation and even breathing problem.

Dwelling over the past: When you refuse to stop thinking about your past you are damaging your present as well as your future. Mental stress can drain you of energy and hamper your health in more ways than realise.

Not sleeping enough: Not having enough sleep would have ill effects on your overall health.

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