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Posted on: 28-03-15
Worst foods for tummy fat

Be aware of the fact that, tummy fat is worse than the fat anywhere else in the body. Building up of too much fat around the tummy is more perilous than the fat accumulated around the hips and thighs. Paunch fat can bring in lot of health issues, for example, coronary problems, stroke, and diabetes. You being overweight is also determined by your genetics, and help figure out where you can store this excess fat, however poor way of life style is the major cause.

Foods like, butter, cheese, and fatty meats etc, are the major cause of tummy fat.

Just avoiding high-fat food is not useful, consuming abundance of calories of any sort can increase your waist size and add to tummy fat. Still, there are many reasons for stomach fat. It may be, hereditary, eating routine, age, and way of life can also be a contributing factor. Changing your way of life and dietary pattern can help you battle against the belly fat.

Alcoholic beverages also have a specific relationship with an increase waistline, however. When you drink alcohol, the liver is get occupied with metabolizing alcohol to metabolize fat, ending up with a beer belly. Liquor can also make you feel hungry by influencing hormones that manage a feeling of satiety.

Trans fats not only can make you plump, but also can transfer fat from other parts of your body to your tummy. Trans fats are found rich in foods such as margarine, pastries, cookies and fried foods.

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