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Posted on: 24-03-15
6 Wonderful benefits of jogging

For Better sleep: If you have problem in getting sleep at night, jogging can help you out. Jogging regularly help people fall asleep faster and increase the duration and quality of sleep. This is not due to the tiring effects of jogging alone; muscle relaxation would also be a factor.

Relive depression: Mild to moderate depression can be relived with Jogging. This is due to endorphins produced inside the body while running. Even in cases of severe depression, jogging is found benificial.

Strengthens the joints: It is found that the prevalence of osteoarthritis is less in regular runner. Weight loss associated with it is also a big factor in this. However, jogging regularly helps to strengthen your joints and muscles.

Make your sex life happier: It’s true; jogging makes your life in the bedroom happy as well. Jogging regularly improves self-confidence, body image and energy levels that in turn reflect on sex life. Jogging can increase the production of testosterone in men, there by corrects erectile dysfunction and a lowered sex drive. Weight loss and loss of abdominal fat caused by running improves blood flow to the penis as well.

Slows down ageing: It’s a miracle to slow down your ageing process. It improves the heart health, slow down degenerative diseases, less likely to have neurological diseases and infections. The older members jogging around one and half hour a week, still have better off than their sedentary counterparts.

Promotes immune system: Regular joggers are less likely to have viral infection or other illness. Jogging clears the bacterial lung infections, stops the growth of bacteria through increased body temperature, and improves the circulation of immune cells throughout the body.

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