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Posted on: 28-10-14
Reasons why you should include wheat grain in your diet

Wheat grain has been really valuable for many years. Wheat grain has got mainly three types of components. The outer most layer, which is the most roughest layer contains more of fiber.Wheat grain has been a valuable food for thousands of years. The whole wheat bread packs the nutrition of all three components of the wheat grain.The rough layer of the grain is valuable for its fiber. The wheat bread is high in nutrients and its a good source of carbohydrates.
Here are few health benefits of wheat grain:
Relieves bowel syndrome:
Bread made out from wheat grain is a very good source of bran fiber. The bran content in wheat bread provides and improves the movement of bowel by increasing the content of stools, which in return helps them to pass through the intestines more freely. it also gives you much relief from an uneasy and irritable bowel syndrome.

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease:
The consumption of whole grains on a daily basis would lower risk of coronary heart disease.

Lowers Risk of Weight Gain:
Having bread made with whole wheat grain would help you in maintaining a proportionate and healthy weight. It is found that women who eat refined grain products or who consumed white bread had more chances of gaining weight than those who had bread made with wheat grains or brown bread in other words.Bread made with wheat grain helps you in maintaining a healthy weight. The risk of weight gain is less in women who eat more whole grains than women who eat refined grain products, such as white bread.

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