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Posted on: 11-12-14
Weight-loss surgery may improve urinary problems

A weight loss surgery which is otherwise called as bariatric surgery would help lose weight and may lower the frequency of the lower urinary tract symptoms in fat and obese people, as per a new research study. The symptoms that are associated with obesity in men and women are lower urinary tract symptoms that is associated with urgency and frequency, bladder leakage, the feeling to urinate always especially at night.

Metabolic syndrome was noted in about 51.5 percent of the patients and about 47 of them were treated with problems related to urinary tract symptoms. There was a significant link between metabolic syndrome and treated lower urinary tract symptoms.

The investigators studied 72 patients who underwent the surgery and were followed for one year. There was a significant weight loss and a reduction of body mass index after surgery. At six weeks, a significant reduction in overall symptoms was noted, and this improvement was sustained for a year. Also, insulin sensitivity improved, indicating a lessening of individual's risk for developing type-2 diabetes."In our study, improvements in lower urinary tract symptoms were generally seen soon after surgery and they did not seem to be related to the time course or degree of weight loss" added co-author Richard Stubbs from the Wakefield Hospital.

There is also an indication that the improvement in the urinary symptoms is linked to improvements in insulin resistance which are now known to occur almost immediately following bariatric surgery, he emphasized. The two studies were published in the journal BJU International.

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