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Posted on: 07-11-14
4 steps to turn strangers into connections

1. Look approachable:
Always bear a smile on your face that seems to be pleasant. Body language does speak high volumes as they keep sending signals to people who are around. A smile always indicates that you are fine and open to a conversation.

2. Say 'Hello':
It may sound very simple, but a quick 'hello' will definitely break the ice between people who are not in very good terms. For example, In a hotel premises if an employee comes within 15 feet of anybody in the hotel, they should definitely acknowledge the guest with a friendly eye-contact or a cordial nod. If the same person comes within five feet, then the employee is suppose to say hello.

3. Assume the other person is shy:
About seventy percent of people claim that they are shy. Knowing this fact will put you in the same boat. “We’re all so worried what other people might think about us. The truth is that no one cares because they’re worried about themselves.”

4. Find common ground:
Whether it’s a mutual friend, location, experience, or point of view, find something in common with another person and start a conversation. While the weather is always a safe topic, you can also ask the person if they have children or pets. Or pay attention to your environment.

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