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revive dying relationship

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Posted on: 16-12-14
Revive a dying relationship

Erratic work schedules, busy lifestyle, tension and stress levels, etc have taken a toll on our relationships. If you do not give ample time to your relationships, it is sure to get affected in the long run.
Here are some simple tips that could be adopted in order to save a dying relationship:

1. Communicate: Interact and talk to each other openly as much as possible. Carrying out such talks would always help you clear out several misunderstandings and also removes all sorts of ill-feelings that you have stored within yourselves.

2. Give time: Spare more time to nurture your relationship. Get involved with each other and take care of each other's requirements and needs. Try taking out your partner for a dinner or lunch and talk out things. Spend more quality time and plan things around your partner, so that you could be with each other for long. Time has got the ability to mend all the cracks that have occurred in your close relationships.

3. Sex: Fall outs in most relationship arises due to less intimacy between the partners. In the daily course of activities, if hardly find time to have enough time and emotion to spare. You should always have a control and hold on your sex life by trying in different positions and by asking each other regarding the experiences.

4. Listen: Listening is equally important like communication. Make sure that you listen to your partner properly before jumping into certain conclusions. Give him/her a chance to express whenever necessary.

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