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Posted on: 11-03-15
6 Ways to maximise the impact of your scent

You could maximise the effect of the scent you apply by following some simple techniques in order to make it last for a longer time.

1. Give it some time: Scent always takes time to show it's effect. You often do not tend to like the fragrance at the first go but gradually start liking it.

2. Pick power points: There are certain power points on your body that would help the scent bring maximum effect and impact. Wrists and behind the ear portions are the most traditional spots to apply the fragrance. More better places would be chest, biceps, etc.

3. Never mix fragrances: Most men tend to mix it all up by using shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, hair gel, and cologne all in different fragrances. Avoid clashing of scents by opting for minimally-scented grooming products.

4. Keep a safe distance: When applying fragrance never hold the bottle too close to your skin. Keep the nozzle almost around six or seven inches away from you and then try to spray. This way the coverage would be more evenly spread.

5. Use products of the same family: Many fragrances come accessorised with shower products, deodorants and aftershaves. Pairing your favourite perfume with other products from it's body range creates a powerful long lasting scent.

6. Moisturizing is the key to longevity: The better hydrated is your skin the longer is the fragrance. So, to increase the longevity of your scent, use a fragrance-free moisturizer a few minutes before applying.

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