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Posted on: 01-04-15
7 Ways to keep your nails healthy

1. The best way to file the nails is Swiping in one direction. Rubbing back and forth will fray and splitting the nail.

2. Not taking enough vitamin cause the nail to peel the weak nails. Lack of folic acid and vitamin B-12 can cause the nail weak and ridged. It can even peel the nails. Good source of folate is to eat more nuts and cereals.

3. Some nail hardener contain calcium or formaldehyde, these make the nails hard and brittle. So, it is good to prefer the nail hardeners containing sulfhydryl protein. It works by adding a layer on top of your nails to strengthen their structure.

4. Nail lotions can hydrate the nails, making it flexible. Choose the one that, contain good amount of moisturizers like glycerin or beeswax. This has to be used frequently as it goes off, so keep using it for better result.

5. Nails on one hand grow faster than the other, the one which is used the most and this is the reason pedicures last so much longer than manicures as the finger nail grow faster than the toes.

6. The first thing you have to do when you get back home after cutting cuticles, allow them to quickly dry. Apply oil to trimmed cuticles, and repeat it throughout the day, to stop it from drying.

7. It has been proved scientifically that, vitamins like biotin, is effective against for weak or brittle nails. Soft, spoon-shaped nails are seen in people who do not protein and iron in their diet.

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