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Posted on: 18-02-15
How to control blood sugar

Diabetes is a serious issue that we go through these days, but you could very well control the prevailing condition by adapting some very simple and effective lifestyle pattern. Keeping in mind very few things can be helpful to you.

Eat healthy
A low calorie diet comprises of minimal amount of saturated fats and also helps prevent diabetes. It is also observed that restricting fat intake to minimum of about 10 percent that has more of vegetables, dairy products, whole grains and healthy fibres, can help you manage weight in check and prevent disease causing agents.

Regular tests
A great preventive measure is the awareness whether you're close to acquiring the disease or are prediabetic. So, regular blood sugar tests can help you indicate that and motivate you to take preventive measures.

Reduce the meal size
It is also said that reducing meal size and consumption of small amounts of meal instead of having two or more bigger meals, helps you metabolize your system and keeps your weight under check and also keeps blood sugar levels to remain controlled so that it does not fluctuate much.

Lifestyle changes
Try practicing physical activities such as yoga, workout and other gym activities in order to keep cardiovascular ailments and other discomforts at bay. Avoiding sedentary lifestyle can help control the worse conditions.

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