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Posted on: 12-11-14
Ways to awaken the beautiful you

1. Love yourself
Beauty lies in your eyes. But not just in the eyes of the beholder. Learn to love your own self. A trick to looking beautiful if feeling beautiful. If your eyes are the best feature, use them to your advantage. If it's your skin, let it shine like a beacon for you. In short, revel in your advantages.

2. Be aware and alert
Everyone is attracted to a man or woman who is well informed and happy to share. Intelligence, awareness and good conversation skills impart confidence and beauty, which is very attractive. It is important to keep sharpening your mind with challenges and to keep adding to your knowledge.

3. Stay healthy and fit
Taking good care of your looks and body is a part of loving yourself. Spend time pampering and pushing yourself to stay fit. Health imparts a unique glow that is youthful and flattering. Spend two days slogging it out at the gym, and you will see the change for yourself.

4. Connect with your inner self
A peaceful face, relaxed body, slight smile and alert, happy eyes impart a beauty that no chiselled features, beauty products or surgeon's scalpel can provide.

5. Stand tall and walk confidently
You are generally perceived in the manner in which you project yourself. If you pull back your shoulders and walk with a confident stride, everyone will pay attention.

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