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Posted on: 04-12-14
Vitamins that the body needs in winter

The weather keeps on changing on a daily basis. The temperature differs sometimes it might be chilly and sometimes warm. Winter also brings in a lot of health issues and other ill health conditions that requires to be tackled along with the enjoyment and fun. Intake of the given below vitamins would help you have a healthy winter.

Vitamin C
As and when winter strikes in, infections like cold, cough, fever and flu paves it's way towards us. Vitamin C is known to improve and increase the immunity level of your body. It also helps boost the metabolism and the overall resistance power of the body as well.
Iron gets absorbed to its maximum in Vitamin C, hence it also helps maintain the iron content in your blood.
Vitamin C content is found mostly in all citric fruits like oranges, lemon, sweet lime and also in vegetables like spinach, dates etc. easy to chew vitamin tablets are available in market too.

Vitamin E
This vitamin helps in building up the skin cells, with it's rare quality and moisturizing properties. Our skin tends to become dry and scaly during this season hence the intake of this vitamin becomes crucial.

Vitamin B complex
This entire group of vitamins ranging from B1 to B12 is extremely essential during the winter. "For instance, Vitamin B6 otherwise called as Pyridoxine that helps you get smooth skin, while Riboflavin helps cure angular cheilitis, commonly found and appears as cracks on the lips or corner of the mouth. Thiamine helps in curing scaly and flaky skin," as per some eminent health care professionals. While, the other vitamins like A, D, and E are fat-soluble, the entire Vitamin B complex group are water-soluble.

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