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Posted on: 24-12-14
Why Vitamin K is beneficial for health?

The fat soluble vitamin that is utilized by the body for blood coagulation and also in the growth and development of bones and other tissues in the body. It is also needed for proper maintenance and building up of strong bones. But blood clotting remains the prominent functioning of Vitamin K.

Though it is not considered as a very essential vitamin substance in comparison with other important vitamins, it still has got it's own benefits and functions.

Minimal levels of vitamin K can raise the risk of uncontrolled bleeding. The deficiency is mostly found in new-born infants than in adults.

Vitamin K was first discovered by a Danish, scientist who found that bleeding in chickens can be prevented by giving decayed fish meal. The only known function of vitamin K is its use by the liver in the synthesis of various substances needed for blood clotting.

1. The concentration of vitamin K in foods is highest in dark green leafy vegetables but is also found in fruits, tubers, seeds and dairy meat products.
2. Vitamin K usually occurs in association with chlorophyll(a green colored pigment in plants) in plants.
3. Alfalfa is a specially rich source.
4. The average diet provides enough vitamin K hence, there is no need for a supplementation.
5. Other good sources of vitamin K is found in vegetables like spinach, broccoli, beans, eggs, soybeans, meat, eggs etc.
6. Strawberries are one of the best sources among the fruit family.

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