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Posted on: 16-04-15
Depression can be predict by Vitamin D levels: Study

Low level of vitamin in the body is associated with symptoms of depression in otherwise healthy people, new study shows.

Conducting a series of investigation on 185 healthy women during a period of 1-month, serum vitamin D3 including C levels was measured at baseline and at the end of the study period. Investigators found that more than 1/3rd of participants had symptoms of depression, that almost half had vitamin D deficiency and those depressive symptoms were predicted to associated with vitamin D levels in the blood.

Taking note of that vitamin D supplementation, Dr Kerr and Dr Brown said, it is a simple, easily available and generally considered safe to take. They also said, given the lifespan of health risk connected with deficiency, supplementation is justified whether or not the inconspicuous part of vitamin D in depression noted here were generalized the more comprehensively.

Scientists had agreed that at this stage, further research is required before it can be recommended that individuals at risk for depression or those already suffering from symptoms take vitamin D supplements.

The researchers, led by David Kerr, PhD. The study was supported by grants from the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation's John C Erkkila Endowment for Health and Human Performance and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

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