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Posted on: 19-11-14
Vegan diet helps get rid of those extra kilos

A vegetarian diet comprises of fruits, vegetables, milk, grains. People who follow a vegetarian diet consume less amount of calories than those who follow non- vegetarian diet. It is the most simplest technique to lose weight by switching over to a fully vegetarian diet, by choosing the right foods and combine them with a regular course of exercise is imperative.

A study that was conducted recently by the University of South Carolina laid a comparison between the amount of weight lost by those who were on vegetarian diet and those who ate omnivorous diet that also comprised of animal products.

Towards the end of six months, individuals who lived on vegan diet were seen to have lost more weight than those who had an average of 4.3 percent. Begin each day with whole grains, such as oatmeal and bran. Whole grains are great alternative for meal that is high in refined carbohydrates.

Vegetarian which excludes all meat and seafood but includes animal products, and omnivorous, which excludes no foods. Participants(associated with the study) followed their assigned dietary restrictions for 6 months, with all groups except the omnivorous participating in weekly group meetings. Those who stuck to the vegan diet showed the greatest weight loss at the 2 and 6 month marks.

The study also revealed that the greatest amount of decrease in the fat content of vegetarian participants and saturated fat levels at the two and six months checks, had lower BMIs, and improved macro nutrients more than other diets.

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