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Posted on: 15-01-15
Rivalry issues among twins

Having a sibling is fun and enjoyable, the one with whom you could play with share your belongings with. However, these are not the only issues but there might be certain other problems too which are related to the compatibility issues that gets multiplied as the twins grow up.

Identity crisis: For many of us, making the twins wear similar dress is cool. But for many of them wearing the same type of dress would trigger identity problems among them. Identity crises is one of the biggest issues a twins face that might even persist after they grow up. This creates a lot of issues among them at a later stage.

Coping with competition: Most twins have got complete unique qualities. If at all one is better than the other, there arises a complete constant competition among them. Parents, teachers and friends begin to compare the good and bad which does worsen the age.

Career choices: To each his own, if one is a brilliant student and chooses to be an engineer and the other one an artist, doesn't mean that the other one is in any way less in abilities. Career choice is a major issue among identical twins as people think they have the same aptitude.

Peer pressure: Peer pressure among twins arises when they are in schools and colleges. Their aptitude and change in behaviour is very closely noted. This usually happens when parents use to constantly pressurize him/her and ask them to follow the better twin. This creates a kind of harsh environment among them.

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