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Posted on: 25-03-15
Tips to avoid back pain during exercise

Moving is always good for the back pain rather than resting. Exercises strengthen your back muscle, spine, stomach, and leg muscles. They help support your back and relieving back pain. Always seek advice from your health care professional before starting exercise. Depending on the cause and condition, some exercises are not advised and can cause harm.
Here are some tips to avoid the worsening of back pain during exercise.

1. Standing, bending forward and touching the toe is good. But, it’s not always beneficial. If pain is severe and lasts more than 20 minutes during this exercise, stop doing it and consult a doctor. This exercise put stress on your lower back muscles, disks and ligaments in the spine.

2. Partial crunches strengthen your stomach and lower back muscles. If not done correctly, it can put stress on your low back and cause severe pain.

3. Though sit-ups can strengthen your core or abdominal muscles, better avoid it, this may also put a lot of stress on your spine. Hip muscles are the ones that stressed when doing sit-ups and can increase your pain.

4. Laying down and lifting both the legs are sometimes advised as an exercise to strengthen your abdominal muscles. If the muscle in your back is weak, this exercise can worsen your pain.

5. Doing exercise with light weight is sometimes advised. If done properly it is good. But, if you put extra stress on your back and spine, can worsen you pain. So it is always good to seek expert advice for good and bad exercise for you back, before starting it.

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