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Posted on: 05-11-14
Ways to protect your skin

Your skin is the body's most vital organ that keeps protecting your body from the external environment. Skin care does not have to be complicated or time-consuming and can quickly become second nature, like brushing your teeth. Certain tips that can be adopted in order to keep your skin looking great and helps reduce pre-mature aging.

1. Limit sun-exposure:
The harmful ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun may cause skin damage. Using certain skin care products that grants you with UV protection and also keeps your skin appear fresh and youthful. Using sunscreen on a regular basis when you go out, covering your skin with full-sleeve dresses and staying indoors when the sun is at it's peak (between 10 am and 3pm).

2. Stay hydrated:
Always keep your skin in a moist and protected form. Skin that is hydrated would retain pliability and would also help prevent chapped look. In order to achieve that great looking skin drink lots of water. Use the right moisturizing cream or lotion to keep your skin healthy. Make it a point that you take bath twice everyday in warm water.

3. Know your skin type:
Pay attention to freckles, moles and other such growth that appear on your skin. Do not ignore such signs and symptoms. If such skin irritations persists, do consult a dermatologist who could guide you with proper skin care measures.

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