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Posted on: 08-01-15
Tips for smooth bowel movements

All of us might have come across an irritable bowel movements at some or the other point of time. This problem can occur at any point of time and can cause painful defecation. It might get aggravated if not treated on time. There is nothing to get embarrassed about as here are some few tips that you could follow in order to get some relief:

Lemon: Lemon is an excellent source and a good remedy which most doctors recommended. Lemon water with and added pinch of salt can help cleanse your stomach and intestines which results in smooth passage of stool.

Triphala powder: Triphala powder an amazing laxative. One or two teaspoon of triphala powder in warm lukewarm water along with some honey, drink it after you wake up in an empty stomach in the morning and this would do wonders to your body.

Drink plenty of water: Drinking plenty of water can help flush out all kinds of toxins from body and also provides fluidity for proper blood flow.

Do not ignore nature's call: You should never ignore a nature's call as it might lead to major health troubles in future.

Fiber: Consuming food rich in fiber can actually work wonders. So, it is advisable to start one's day with food that has high quantity of fiber like dried beans, prunes, figs etc. as fiber rich food acts like a sponge thereby preventing crams and stomach bloating.

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