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Posted on: 18-12-14
Health benefits of Thyme

Mostly used in the preparation of pasta recipes, thyme is fragrant herb that are packed with nutrients which proves to be beneficial for skin, hair and body.

Here are some known health benefits of thyme:
1. Improves vision: Thyme is important and essential for healthy mucus membranes and skin. It is considered to be highly rich in Vitamin A, thus promotes healthy vision. It also consists of some antiseptic and antibiotic properties which acts as a great remedy for cough, cold and other related health issues.

2. Cures acne: Thyme is a natural ingredient that is used in acne creams and face washes. It helps you get a smooth and charming skin.

3. Prevents hair loss: Thyme when gets combined with other herbs and applied as a hair oil can promote healthy hair growth and also improves the texture of your hair.

4. Controls blood pressure levels: In certain hypertensive situations, thyme contains an aqueous extract that helps reduce blood pressure.

5. Improves bone health: Thyme can help improve your bone health as it consists of Vitamin K, iron, calcium and manganese. These essential nutrients aid in bone growth and also reduces the occurrence of other such related diseases.

6. Improves digestion: Experts often recommend thyme tea to those suffering from indigestion and bloating. The volatile oils in thyme can provide relief from intestinal cramping.

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