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Teens and early drug addiction

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Posted on: 21-10-14
Teens with strong working memory better at avoiding early drug experimentation

During the time of adolescence, the experimentations with alcohol and drugs become common. It is very unfortunate that teenagers most often do not see or think about the actions today and it's ill-effects and consequences tomorrow. They also develop a sort of indestructibility and immunity towards the problems that everyone else faces due to this addiction.

Having alcohol and tobacco at a very young age would bear a very negative health effect on young people. Some teens would experiment and would stop having it after getting an idea of the future consequences it might bring. While others will develop a very strong dependency on it which might prove to be very harmful

A recent study has just stated that adolescence that had a strong working memory is better equipped to escape early drug experimentation without progressing into substance abuse issues. According to the study by University of Oregon, impulsive adolescents who lack focus are more likely to face substance-abuse issues. Researchers have also proved that not every form of early use of drugs is problematic and there are also some individuals who start this habit early and then go into a path of continued usage of drugs.

Teens are more likely to get engaged in impulsive drug-use behavior and they also put forth new approaches for beginning with early interventions since weaknesses in carrying out executive functioning most often underline self-control problems in children as young as 3 years old.

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