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Posted on: 25-09-14
Top 5 teas that would make you slim for guaranteed

If you are tired of doing workouts, joggings and practicing other weight loss remedies, there is a simple way to have a control on your weight by simpling sipping a cup of tea. Try these amazing type of teas that are not only nutritional powerhouses but also helps you have a toned, slim figure.

Some of the easily available and prepared types of tea are:

Green tea:Green tea is consists has got polyphenols which works wonder in case of weight loss and health. The polyphenols also helps in process of dissolution of triglycerides which gets deposited and accumulated in your body. Green tea consumption helps boost endurance level that ultimately helps one exercise for a longer period of time thereby aiding in weight loss.

Peppermint tea: Try peppermint tea if you like freshness. To speed up the digestion process, peppermint tea helps in great deal. Thereby, it burns off more calories and helps control food cravings which results in weight loss.

Oolong tea: Oolong tea contains high amounts of antioxidants which would help you keep the cholesterol levels under normal condition and also assists in the process of burning fats and extra calories.

Rose tea: Rose tea is one of the oldest remedy for a guaranteed weight loss. It is prepared by adding fresh roses in the tea that also helps prevent constipation.

Black tea: Black tea is the easiest and simplest method which helps in controlling blood sugar levels and reduces hunger which leads to weight loss.

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