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irregular menstrual periods

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Posted on: 19-02-15
How to tackle irregular periods

Many women find their menstrual cycle is not always regular. Their periods may be early or late, and may vary in their duration or how heavy they are. Every woman at some point in her life will have a "period" moment which raises a lot of questions.

Causes: Every woman will go through an irregular period time and in most cases they are not very serious but at the same time it is important to figure out what exactly is causing this issue.
Some common reasons are are as follows:
Pregnancy, breast feeding, stress, diet, birth control pills. These factors may lead to problems such as irregular periods.

Some of the remedies to tackle irregular period condition are as follows:
Sesame seeds and jaggery
Both are helpful in regulating and managing menstrual cycles as they help balance up the hormone levels. They have a component called lignans that helps in binding up excess hormones present in your body.

Bitter gourd
Bitter gourd though bitter in taste has some essential and effective components for treating irregular periods. The bitter gourd juice should be taken twice a day and the decoction can be taken once or twice daily, for some weeks, to get rid of irregular periods.

Papaya is probably the most effective home remedy for irregular periods. You can have one unripe papaya daily, to get rid of this problem.

Ginger and honey
Have some raw ginger and consume it along with honey. Daily consumption of this mix would definitely provide you with relief from the irregularity of periods.

Being a warming herb, turmeric is also considered helpful in regulating menstruation and balancing hormones.

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