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Posted on: 10-11-14
Pregnancy: Woman as a MOTHER

Pregnancy is a proud moment for any lady and should never be viewed as a burden nor accepted reluctantly. No doubt that the pregnant lady has to pass through a totally novel experience in her life and there could be multiple problems faced by the lady who is going to deliver a child for the very first time. The pregnancy period has been divided into three parts- I trimester, II trimester and III trimester.
Women’s prime place in this world has come about primarily because of the reproductive role she plays.

Common symptoms of pregnancy
1.Stoppage of menstrual flow.
2.Heaviness at the pit of (lower) abdomen.
3.Occasional vomiting(though rare) and nausea(though quite common).
4.Occasional fainting.
5.Pain in the back.
6.Dizziness and headache.

At the onset of pregnancy ensure that the mother does not have low hemoglobin count, German measles, any toxic or harmful element in your blood, HIV infection etc.

Also ensure that the mother does not pass sugar/protein and if the result is positive, it points to diabetes and malfunctioning of kidneys. It is important to check or have a record of her blood group, positions of the foetus in the uterus and also whether the uterus is placed in its normal position. Period of pregnancy should also be known especially when date of last menstruation is forgotten.
Another such point to be taken under consideration is growth off the child whether the child is alive or dead.

Always remember:
The pregnancy period is highly risky and critical period for the baby and the mother and if proper safeguards are not taken timely, life of either of the baby or the mother is at risk. Growth is most rapid in the last three months and the need for most nutrients is incresed at this time.

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