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survive Festive Cravings

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Posted on: 01-10-14
Tips to survive Festive Cravings

The festive season is about to begin with Diwali, Christmas etc. bingeing on ghee-laden foods like laddoos, pedas, jalebis are going to be a regular affair. The best way to avoid gaining the extra kilos on your hips and waist is to eat in moderation and follow a regular exercise regimen.

1. Watch the fat intake: Keep a tab on your overall oil, ghee, butter and cheese intake. If you want to indulge in some fried food, try and cut the added fat intake during the rest of the day. Overall, try and keep the calories balanced by cutting down on excess oil.

2. Hit the gym: In order to maintain the same body weight, you must work out on a daily basis, or at least four days a week. It is not going to completely compensate for your food impulses, but you won't add a lot of weight to your body.

3. Eat in moderation: Limit yourself to one or two high-calories food items a day, and then savour that flavour for the rest of the day. Be in control even as you enjoy food. Watch your eating patterns and dismiss any further cheating instincts. Never eat like there is no tomorrow.

4. Sharing is good: Do not indulge in temptation alone. Share it with someone else. Split the calorie load. A lot of studies have proved that we relish something delicious only till the first two bites.

5. Stock up on protein: Deficiency of protein increases dessert cravings. Thus, to have better willpower, ensure that you have your protein tank full. Egg whites, dals, pulses, paneer, tofu, chicken and fish are good sources of protein.

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