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Posted on: 09-01-15
Simple steps to smoky eye make up

Smoky eyes look extremely gorgeous and sexy. Even if your eyes are not big enough a smoky eyes would definitely give an enhanced and exaggerated look. To get that distinct and catchy look what you need to do is by following certain tips as given below:

1. Use the correct mix of both the lighter and darker shades of eye shadow: In order to get that perfectly smudged eye, you need to mix the right amount of lighter and darker shades of eye shadow.

2. Choose your colour: Initially start by choosing a good eye shadow palette with at least three or more shades.

3. Apply the shadow properly: Apply a light layer of any lighter shade eye shadow as the base, the apply some grey onto your socket line to enhance the overall look.

4. Highlight the corners of your eyes with a bit darker shades: Apply darker shades on the corners of your eyes to create a little flick as this will help make your eye look bit bigger than the normal.

5. Line it up: Give your look some extra impact by adding a black eyeliner. Pick a soft liner as this gives it more of a subtle smudged effect. Line the top of your eyes, creating a flick to match your eyeshadow, then add a bit to the outer corner of your bottom lash line.

6. Finishing touch: Finish it off by sweeping mascara over your top and bottom lashes. With the use of a fine bristled brush you could avoid clumps.

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