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Posted on: 29-01-15
Simple steps to prevent premature ageing

Daily exposure to sun and lack of proper nutrition that includes excessively processed fast food hampers the health of skin. Women in their early 30s are already beginning to show signs of ageing. Here are some simple steps you can take to prevent it.

1. Eat the correct foods: Your body cells have a tendency to regenerate daily. And this activity cannot be achieved unless and until you indulge in having wholesome food and have proper intake of water that will keep your skin hydrated.

2. Follow a moisturizing regime: Light upward strokes and applying the moisturizers on a regular basis would help your skin get rejuvenated. Do not stretch your skin too much and prevent pre-mature aging.

3. Have herbal tea: Green teas and herbal teas have a significant level of antioxidants that can hold back ageing. Switch coffee with tea because diuretics (caffeinated drinks) could cause internal dehydration and make your skin dry and mature.

4. Exercise daily: Exercising would always keep your skin look youthful. Exercising pattern such as aerobics would help improve and increase blood circulation in your body and also helps transfer all essential nutrients to the right places.

5. Stay stress free: Stress produces free radicals that can damage cells and so there is a risk of premature ageing. Meditation, yoga, gardening, walking, playing with your pets, etc can help you stay stress and wrinkle free.

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