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Posted on: 27-10-14
Tips to maintain Spine Health

Whether you are sitting, bending down or standing, many of us, unknowingly put a lot of unwanted kind of pressure on the spine. Later on, these problems would lead to further complications. Health experts who commonly deal with spinal problems say that maintaining an S-shape spine curvature while standing is very much important.

(*)Cardio exercises are very much important to keep your spine healthy. One such important exercise would be swimming.
(*)Try to sit on chair that has got an appropriate backrest that helps support your back. Always make sure that you sit an ergonomically designed chair.
(*)Make sure that you sit with your hips all the way back into the chair. You should maintain the hips higher than the levels of knees.
(*)The chair on which you sit should not be so high that your legs are left dangling in mid-air. Feet should always have a support..
(*)When you keep standing for a long period of time, try to use a foot-stool to make yourself ease the pressure on your spinal cord.
(*)It's beneficial to have pills and vitamin supplements as add ons. Taking vitamins is important. You should have Calcium and Vitamin supplements (especially vitamin D supplements) in order to strengthen your bones.
(*)Lifting heavy weights and things would have an adverse effect on your spine. You may even injure yourself

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