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Posted on: 23-10-14
5 Must have spices in your kitchen

Spices are really important in terms of enhancing the taste of the meal and also in order to make it more nutritious and balancing. Given below are some of the most commonly used ayurvedic spices in cooking.

Coriander leaves are a form of leaves that are used to add flavor in cooking. They are considered as a cook's best friend as it tends to bring assimilation of all other herbs and spices while cooking. Corianders are also helpful in carrying out easy digestion, respiratory and urinary disorders.

Ginger is an indispensable and an irreplaceable spice in any kitchen. Addition of ginger in food leads to pungency in food and helps in digestion too. Ginger is believed to be an excellent remedy for respiratory conditions. This invigorating spice is used in herbal tea to treat signs and symptoms of cough and cold.

Cumin is widely used for it's aromatic qualities. This spice can be used as an antiseptic and also acts as a stimulant for digestive disorders. It does enhance the functioning of liver and pancreas, which enables your body to clean out all the toxins that has been accumulated in the body.

Fenugreek comes with properties of healing properties. It is very much helpful in treating disease conditions such as digestive, respiratory, menstrual and nervous ailments. The blood-sugar levels in the body can be very well controlled by adding fenugreek seeds in water that has been soaked overnight.

Turmeric is bitter in taste and has got a pungent smell too. Turmeric is known mostly for it's qualities such as therapeutic qualities. Anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties.

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