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Posted on: 06-11-14
Do not let social media ruin your relationship

Your facebook, twitter and other social networking sites may have helped raise millions for charity, but a new survey suggests that social media is responsible for jealousy in relationship. According to the study, 66 per cent of divorce lawyers said Facebook was primary online source for cases, which helped them dig up evidence of infidelity, assets, money spending habits etc.

Never post negative comments about him/her: While it may not seem like a big deal to whine about your partner’s annoying habits to a friend, when you do it on social media, to a friend, when you di it on social media, the post is there for everyone to read. Since people won’t know the context behind the post, even if you intend it to be a fun, harmless comment, it might embarrass you partner. Also, never get back at your spouse or vent your relationship frustrations through a public comment or picture.

Set boundaries about who to befriend: Discuss with each other, which Facebook/Twitter friends are out of bounds. This could be exes, certain relatives or people from work whom you are both uncomfortable with. Also, how much information about your relationship or family are you both willing to disclose? Whatever the rules, make sure that both of you are on the same page when it comes to what is not acceptable to each other on the site.

Set a cut-off time: Instead of spending time with their loved ones, most people spend a large chunk of their time reading and updating status messages. Set a time in the day, when your phone laptop or iPad is off-limits and you are not logged in to your social account. Spend this time talking, laughing or doing an activity together.

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