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Posted on: 06-10-14
Losing weight, quitting smoking may reduce risk of old age Dementia

A new study has showed that old age dementia can be controlled by losing weight, quitting smoking and also reduces the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

Dementia is not just a term or single disease in itself, but it is rather a general term that would show some symptoms such as memory impairments, communication and thinking problems etc.

the researchers have also suggested that dementia can be included as a part national public health prevention and detection programs along with some other non communicable diseases. It is always better to treat this at the earliest than too late to make healthy lifestyle changes.

The World Alzheimer's Report 2014 commissioned by Alzheimer's disease International said that dementia's links to physical health could be effective at fending off dementia even in later life.

It is founded that Diabetes can hamper a person's risk of developing Dementia by about 50 percent. Obesity and lack of physical activity leads to high blood pressure, which is been associated with many cases of dementia.

Marc Wortmann, executive director of Alzheimer's Disease International, said that the risk factors for dementia "overlap" with those of other major non-communicable diseases. It would draw out similarities with that of many forms of non-communicable diseases.

George McNamara, head of policy at the UK's Alzheimer's Society, said many lifestyle factors play a key role in the development of dementia.

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