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Posted on: 21-11-14
Skincare regime for a beautiful skin

Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices will definitely help delay the natural aging process and would also help prevent various skin related problems. Do find some time for intensive skin care practices. There are certain tips to be followed which would help you gain beautiful skin and body.

Feet and it's care
Because of the direct contact of feet with contaminated rain water, it is more susceptible and prone to fungal as well as bacterial infection. You should always make sure that your feet remains dry most of the time. One of the best techniques that you could adopt in order to keep your foot clean is by immersing them in lukewarm water that contains an antiseptic liquid for 10 minutes. Then scrub your feet lightly with the help of a pumic stone, dry your feet and apply a moisturizing cream.

Happy hands
Hands are also suppose to be kept clean during monsoons. In order to achieve that soak your hands in warm water for sometime to say about 15 minutes. The water may have few drops of liquid hand wash and some fresh lemon juice. Apply nail cream too so that your nail remains clean and moisturized. Cuticle oil can be applied in order to avoid dryness of the nails.

Hair care
Hair care is most important part of whole body care. Wash your scalp and hair frequently with PH balanced mild shampoos.

Use sunscreens for attaining sun protected skin as the UV rays may get penetrated easily if there is no protective layer on your skin.

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