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Posted on: 07-02-15
Common skin problems in babies

Babies have delicate and soft skin that even a slight scratch or rash would make them feel irritable. Newborns are very prone to rashes and other skin related allergens. Given below are some common skin problems found in babies:

1. Diaper rash: Diaper rashes can keep your baby up all night long. To avoid this condition to persist keep checking your baby's diaper area often. Keep that area dry and apply a diaper rash cream immediately.

2. Baby acne: Pimples that appear on a baby's face as a common phenomenon and usually gets cured by it's own in a few day's time. Avoid applying anything on it.

3. Eczema: Babies who have a family history of asthma and allergy tend to develop have this faster. It usually appears on elbows, chest, legs and arms. This type of rash is mostly found in soaps, lotions and even in detergents.

4. Dry skin: Newborns are born with dry skin, which starts feeling within some days after they are born.

5. Prickly heat rash: The small pink-red spots appear mostly on neck area and also in armpits. Make your baby wear loose cloths and keep him cool and dry always. Avoid using too much powder on your baby's skin.

6. White bumps: white bumps are tiny spots seen on the nose area and are caused by skin flakes that usually block oil glands.

7. Yeast infections: Yeast rash appears as white rashes on the tongue and mouth region. If this condition appears, ask your doctor to prescribe medicine.

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