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Posted on: 15-12-14
Skin Icing – Beauty Secrets Revealed

Skin care methods and beauty regimes are popular these days. Cold treatments that comprises of some latest beauty trends can be made in use namely, cold therapy. It is practiced in many of the skin care treatments such as cold therapy, which is the latest beauty trend.

Smooth Skin: Skin icing tones up your face thus making it look more smoother. Icing also helps smoothen your skin texture by shrinking up the enlarged pores and closes it to unclog the opened up pores that generally appears big and larger due to the presence of debris and excessive sebum secretion.

Blood Circulation: Female skin is normally delicate and applying ice on it would definitely improve the blood circulation in the skin. The body responds to it by slowly sending a speeding flow of warm blood to different body parts especially face.

Beauty of the Eye: By using ice under the eye would help reduce the swelling and puffiness.

Blemish Control: Blemishes could be put under control by following certain tips using ice. Hold the ice on your face for sometime until that skin over there becomes numb. This technique would help reduce the number of blemishes and scar on your skin.

Tan Control: you could get temporary relief from sunburns and tanning by simply rubbing on an ice cube on your face.

Pimple Freeze: In this technique you are not suppose to hold on the ice cube on your face for a long period of time, that too directly as it might bear some adverse effect on your skin. You are suppose to just touch the skin with ice and then leave it soon.

Ice Facial: Before starting up with ice facial make sure that you wash your face first. Wrap one or two ice cubes in a cloth and rub it onto your skin in a circular motion util the ice cube melts and the cloth becomes damp.

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