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Posted on: 15-01-15
Signs that you totally swear by kajal

Make up can be a whole lot of things to girls for some of them it would just be something to just enhance your eyes. Here are a few signs that prove the you swear by kajal.

It's the only thing that can brighten you up
For many of us, wearing make up means wearing kajal. There is absolutely nothing that is more better than a stroke of your favorite kajal. You actually do not need a foundation or a lipstick to enhance your look. You could just do up your eyes and you ready to go.

If not worn, people would think that you are unwell
If you do not wear kajal on a given day people may think that you have some problem or that you are unwell. If you are a constant user of kajal it almost feels miserable to just as the way you forget your glasses.

You hit the panic button when your kajal gets over
One morning while getting ready for work, you find out that your kajal is over, and that's it. You blame everything that goes wrong in the day, to this. You always buy an extra stick to ensure you never run out of it suddenly.

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