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Posted on: 01-04-15
6 Workouts to shape up your body

Shape yourself with sports: Tennis has an advantage over many games. Similar to aerobic can burn lot of energy and also fat from the body. Less fat gets into the muscles. Other team sports like soccer, basketball keeps you moving and is great for your hip, buttock and the leg muscles.

Swim, a good option for upper body: Swimming is useful in the upper part of the body. Pulling water against the water current gives strength to your arms. Swimming utilizes the shoulders and chest muscles more. Swimming is not much useful for the legs basically in light of the fact that individuals tend not to kick hard. So, kickboard can be the best option for your leg.

Cycling for Legs: Cycling is awesome for your leg muscles. Pulling the pedal up, and pushing it down, provides additional resistance.

Jogging for complete workout: Like cycling, jogging is also equally good for your legs. Since they are weight-bearing activities, they build up strength to the bones and help secure against osteoporosis in future and strengthen the joints as well. So begin off moderate speed, particularly in case you are obese. This will reduce the damage.

Yoga and Pilates for abdomen: These prominent total body exercise help you reinforce your abdominal muscle and the back muscle. These muscles are required for some exercises. Some yoga postures can provide same advantage on your leg muscles.

Dance for abdomen and Legs: Many type of dance you enjoy is also a good alternative. Dancing strengthen your abdomen, back and leg muscle.

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