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Posted on: 30-03-15
Screening tests for women

Remember a saying, “prevention is better than cure" Getting checked at the earliest can help you prevent illnesses like tumor, diabetes, and osteoporosis. In the beginning, they are simpler to treat. Screening tests can identify the problem even before you have symptoms. Which screening tests need to be done relies upon your age, family history, your own wellbeing history, and other danger elements.

Screening Breast Cancer
In case you are in your 20s or 30s, doctor ought to examine your breast as a major aspect of your general examination and has to be done very frequently. You may require more continuous screenings in the event that you have any additional danger factor.

While you are in your 40s, you ought to have a mammogram consistently. At that point between ages 50 and 74, change to each other year. Obviously, your specialist may prescribe more continuous screenings in case you are at higher danger.

Cervical Cancer Screening
With Pap smears, cervical cancer can be easily be stopped. Pap smears discover unusual cells on the cervix, which can be evacuated before they ever transform into disease.

Your specialist scrapes out a few cells off your cervix and sends them to a lab for investigation. Usually it is suggested that you ought to get your first Pap smear at the age of 21, and at regular intervals. In case you are 30 or more, you can get co-testing with HPV tests. Both screenings are extremely beneficial in identifying cervical tumor sufficiently early to cure it.

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