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Posted on: 01-04-15
Safe birth control options

Birth Control: How to Decide
There are many options available for birth control, but choosing the right one is sometime is difficult, some seems to be scary. It begins with few baffling questions: Do I need to protect myself against sexually transmitted diseases? Should I compromise cost or convenience or pleasure? Is abstinence the right option?

Awareness on female fertility
It is a regular family planning, staying away from sex when, the woman is at most fertile stage. The most solid approach to look for changes in body temperature and cervical fluid. Your health care provider can give the best training for this. This method is in expansive and requires no drug.

Spermicidal chemicals
There are some drugs which has a capacity to destroy the sperm. This drugs has to be placed inside the vagina before going for sex. It is available in the form of cream, foam or jelly. Sometime the chemical present in the preparation may cause irritation in the vagina.

Male Condom
This forms a physical barrier, preventing the entry sperm into the woman’s birth canal. It is made up of latex. It not only prevent pregnancy, but also effective against STD. This is the most reliable method of preventing pregnancy.

Female Condom
The female condom is a thin synthetic pouch that is placed inside the birth canal. It can be placed there even up to 8 hours before sex. It is sometimes less effective than the male condom. It protects against STD and give better pleasure for both.

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