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Posted on: 22-10-14
7 people who can give you sound relationship advice

Would you take dating tips from your mother, how about your kids, or an ex? Relationship advice from the right sources can help make your search for 'the one' that much easier.

1. Your mother:
We are not talking mumpsy advice like listen to your gut, or follow your heart, although they will be of plenty of that too.

2. Your sister:
Are you over thinking it? Does he live too far? Do you argue too much? Sometimes you need someone to just spell it out for you and that's where your sister can come in handy. Plus, she'll be there to take your call if the date goes horribly wrong.

3. Your kids
They may not know what you want, but they surely know what they want.

4. The settled friend:
If married, chances are that they are doing right. Ask for advice if you think your relation is moving too fast, for second date ideas, or even a double date.

5. The divorced friend:
They are no relationship expert, but there is a lesson to be learnt from their break-up. For example, never take him/her for granted, be honest and do not fight about money.

6. The single friend:
Whether she is still searching, for 'the one' or happy go lucky, chances are she has a few love lessons to share. Get some advice on her previous experiences and ask for some honest advice back.

7. The colleague:
A colleague too acts as a great adviser in terms of work balance and maintenance of a healthy relationship.

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