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Posted on: 05-02-15
Reignite the lost spark in your relationship

Is your relationship becoming boring and stale. It's a myth that as time passes by long-term relationship becomes boring. Losing interest in a relationship might happen if you stop continuing a healthy communication and sex life. Here are certain tips that could be followed to bring that lost spark in your relationship:

1. Take a vacation to an exotic place: If at all you love to travel it's always a good option to travel together. Opt for a very exotic and less explored destination. You could even think of backpacking or go for a trip together.

2. Initiate a fight: It might sound a bit strange but initiating a fight between each other is always good. Start an argument for a day and then give up the argument from your side. This could very well help you begin a conversation between both of you.

3. Go clubbing: Take time out party together. Try to share a drink and have a dance move or two on the dance floor. You will definitely notice that you would come back home discussing about the fun you had.

4. Talk and carry out proper conversation: Couples stop interacting with each other. Even if both of them are working, a simple message can work wonders. But if you don't have the time to call or send a message during the day, make it a point to do some pillow talking. Talk about the day and do not crib.

5. Surprise your partner with the things that he or she likes: Plan a date or a dinner. Buy a small but significant gift and surprise your partner.

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