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Posted on: 24-03-15
7 Reasons why you should drink more water

Water has always been a best drink of choice. If you are hungry, have headache, constipated, etc, drinking water ease it out. Water is freely available, yet so easily overlooked. Our body contains about 70% of water, the majority of blood and each cell is composed of water. This is the reason, why we need more water for our body to function properly.

Maintaining proper body water level keeps skin youthful. If your pee pails, shows you have no enough water in the body. Here are some health benefits of drinking water:

Boost your brain: As brain contain more amount of water, drinking it boosts up your energy, your thinking ability, focus and concentrate turns better and keeps you more alert.

Helps you lose weight: Removes metabolic toxins, boosts up metabolism, fills up the stomach if taken before food, naturally suppresses hunger.

Throw out toxins: Help to get rid of toxins through sweat and urination which prevents kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

Keeps up skin complexion: Water keeps your skin moisturized, fresh, soft, smooth and glowing. Also reduces the rate of skin wrinkling.

Maintains digestion: Water is an essential component for digestion and relive you from constipation as well.

Optimizes immune System: Someone who drinks water heavily is less likely to get sick and remains healthy most of the time. Drinking plenty of water during any infectious condition, helps fight against it.

Good remedy to prevent heart attack: Someone who drinks water during night before going to bed, have low risk of getting heart attack.

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