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Posted on: 26-03-15
5 Reasons for hair loss in women

In woman, throughout her life, goes through lot of changes. These may be contributing factor for hair loss. Before going to handle this problem, first of all we need to figure out the right cause of the problem. Here are some reasons of hair fall.

Bad hair propriety
Too much hair styling can be the major factor. These includes, excessive colouring can lead to hair loss, tight ponytails, wrong combs can aggravate the hairloss. Curling iron or hair products like gels, mousse, sprays, colours, etc. can damage the hair shaft and can hamper its growth.

In PCOS, excess of male hormones is secreted from cysts produced in the ovary. This hormonal imbalance affects the growth of the hair growth as well.

A deficiency of red blood cells or low production of hemoglobin and low iron intake in diet would also be one of the reasons. Inadequate amount of folic acid and due to menstruation, many women can become anemic. This can also result in the development of weak hair follicles.

When a woman reaches menopause, a lot of changes takes place in their body. The estrogen level goes down in the body, make their body and scalp dry and weak. This also leads to hair loss.

Extreme weight loss
The woman, who are dieting to reduce weight are very prone to hair loss. This is because restricting certain food in their diet deprives essential nutrient for the growth of the hair.

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