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Posted on: 09-10-14
Protect yourself from skin problems this monsoon

We tend to love all the good things that the monsoon brings, it may be the cloudy weather, the cool and gentle breeze etc.
Here are a few common skin problems that occur during the monsoon season and their treatment.
1. Nail infection: Long nails tend to attract muck, dust and bacteria so try to keep your toe nails short so that there is no fungal infection being caused.
Tip: If you notice a red or itchy skin near the nails, it is a sure sign of nail allergy or infection. The best known medication for such a condition would be oral medication as prescribed by the doctor or using an anti-fungal cream or powder.
2. Prickly heat: Prickly heat is a common disease during monsoon. Also, try wearing cotton cloths as they would help absorb sweat and will lessen the perspiration. If you get exposed to sunlight make sure that you have put a good sunscreen with a high SPF factor.
Tip: anti-bacterial soaps and powders can be used to keep you skin dry.

3. Eczema: Eczema is a serious and chronic condition in which red patches starts forming on the skin with a kind of blisters which cause bleeding associated with itching.
Tip: The best way to deal with eczema is to use anti-bacterial soaps, talcum powders and usage of face washes to keep your dry skin more lively. Apply ointment and creams that has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effect.

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