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Posted on: 26-11-14
Ways to get picture perfect smile

A beautiful smile itself is a great possession and nothing beats it. And nowadays selfies and instant photo sharing has itself become a hype. A camera friendly smile is always good to have and experts have come out with seven ways to achieve that. The experts at toothpaste brand Close Up's new product Diamond Attraction have listed seven ways to achieve that picture perfect smile, said a statement.

To make your teeth appear brighter by popping on some bronzer create a contrast between your skin tone and teeth.

Do you have a fuller bodied upper lip, then try showing a little bit of your teeth while you smile and if it is the other way round like having a thin upper lip then try smiling so the bottom edges of your teeth touch your lower lip.

1. Invest in a perfect red or pink lipstick with a blue undertone to make your teeth appear brighter. Colours like coral or orange often makes your teeth look yellow. Also, to add extra oomph to your smile, put your lip gloss underneath your lipstick and be ready to smile.

2. Smile according to your face shape. A longer more vertical face looks better by accentuating the horizontal aspect of the teeth. A wider smile will help a square face to appear more oval and balance out a heart-shaped face.

3. Know your angles and work accordingly. Tilt your head as you pose for photos. Most people don't have perfect symmetry to their faces or smiles, so you may get a more flattering angle if you're not facing the camera straight on.

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