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Posted on: 21-10-14
Tips to Overcome Laziness

You can call it by any name such as sloth, ineptitude, idleness or whatever you feel like calling it. But the condition or situation where in you feel that nothing could be done is often marked as a sign and symptom of weakness and shirking.

Simple tips to overcome laziness:

1) Break down a task into smaller tasks
We often tend to keep away from too big, over whelming tasks. Big tasks can be reduced to smaller ones so that they could be accomplished faster.

2) Rest, sleep and exercise:
You need to give your body enough sleep, exercise and rest. It also requires fresh air to breath in and out. In many a case, laziness occurs due to the tiredness and lack of energy.

3) Doing a single task at a time:
Focus and put your concentration into doing one thing at a time. Many things done at a time would distract you hence leaving you with no work being done.

4) Visualization:
Your imagination puts a lot of impact on your mind, habits and actions. Keep visualizing that the tasks given to you are being completed smoothly, easily and enthusiastically.

5) Learn from successful people:
Watch successful people and try to learn from their deeds. Overcoming the habit of laziness could be achieved by daily course of actions and activities. Every time you choose to act, you increase your ability to win, achieve goals and improve your life.

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