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olive oil for failing heart

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Posted on: 17-10-14
Olive oil may revive a failing heart

A new research has suggested that a strong ingredient in olive oil will hold the key to a beating heart failure. Researchers have also found that, a very commonly found dietary fat called the Oleate, mostly found in olive oil, re fixed and restored proper metabolism of fuel in heart cells in an animal model.

Heart failure and heart attack are entirely two different things. Heart failure is a more fatal or chronic disease condition wherein the heart becomes more bigger and it requires the heart to work harder to pump blood.

As the walls of heart grow thicker, the amount of blood being pumped out comes down or gets diminished and can hence no longer provide the body with enough nutrients. Heart which is on the verge of failing are also unable to function or store the fats that they use for fuel, which are contained within small droplets called lipid bodies in hear muscle cells.

Fats are the primary fuel source of heart and the inability to use those fats, causes the muscle to become starved for energy. Fats failing hearts manage to cut short itself or break down into toxic intermediary by-products that may later on lead to major heart ailments.

Oleate contained in olive oil accelerated the activation level of several genes for enzymes that metabolizes fats. "This gives more proof to the idea that consuming healthy fats like oleate can have a significantly positive effect on cardiac health," Lewandowski said. The findings were published in the journal Circulation.

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