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Posted on: 08-12-14
Myths and facts about taking noon naps

People who undergo serious health issues and sleep disorders would find it good to have a small nap in the afternoon. But the ones who are indeed counterproductive will have a decreased desire to have a good night sleep at night. An afternoon nap would always prove to be good to your body but still there are people who are not very used to it and are not at all convinced with the idea of taking an afternoon nap.

Myth: Napping is meant for small age group people or those who are under the age of 5
Fact: A short nap or snooze will help boost up and exaggerate the alertness and memory to creativity and productivity.

Myth: Taking nap would make you feel worse.
Fact: It might happen that you feel a bit lethargic after getting up from a small nap. It always depends on how much time you take to have a nap. Experts have put forth a conclusion that says a nap should not exceed more than 30 minutes.
Anyone who feels tired, uneasy or lethargic after getting up from a nap is suppose to be sleeping for too long, as per the health experts.

Myth: A cup of coffee or tea would keep you up
Fact: Intake of caffeine would definitely induce sleep. Its a good option to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea before you get to sleep. As you fall asleep the caffeine in the coffee that has been consumed by you would start triggering it's action. It takes about 30 minutes to get the results. And then, when you wake up you would feel most refreshed and relaxed.

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