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Posted on: 12-03-15
5 Morning mistakes to avoid

1. Waking up with a jerk and hitting the gym
Mornings are usually lazy and slow down time. When you wake up in the morning, turn to your right and get up. Mistakes that are made in the morning time can have an adverse effect on the quality of your day. Try spending few minutes in silence, take deep breaths and relax.

2. Not stretching
As soon as you wake up, make it a point that you stretch out your body and muscles properly. Move very gently after waking up from bed. Stretch your calves and hamstrings properly if they are too stiff. Have lime juice along with water and try having it with white tea or green tea.

3. Starting your day with a cup of tea
Do not start your day with a cup of tea. Acidic fluids such as tea or coffee with sugar. Drink lime juice and water. Follow it up with white tea or quality green tea.

4. Skipping breakfast
In the morning, blood sugar levels are low because there's a long gap between dinner and breakfast time. If we do not eat something in about half an hour of waking up, the levels dip further making us lethargic. Another big mistake is to start the day with sugar in tea, biscuits, etc

5. Not planning the day ahead
It may sound unappealing to think about the next morning after a very long day. Try planing your meals and set your clothes aside.

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